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Mazda Kazamai 1
The Kazamai follows on from several recent Mazda concept cars by using more of the companies Nagare flow design language to successful effect, this time on a crossover vehicle, and produces what most onlookers thought to be a really good looking aerodynamic shape.
Mazda Kazamai 2

Although the market for a 3 door crossover 4×4 has yet to be proven, even as a 5 door the feeling at the show was this would sell well, and could be a replacement for the current CX-7, and rival to cars like the Infiniti EX37 crossover SUV. Kazamai is Japanese for “swirling crosswinds” and the car was unveiled at the 2008 Moscow Auto Show.

Mazda Kazamai 3

Mazda Kazamai 4

Mazda Kazamai 5

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