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Mazda Taiki 1

The Taiki concept was first introduced to the world in October 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show and according to Mazda , its design will influence future sports coupe models.
Mazda Taiki 2

The car is powered by Mazda’s pet project motor – the rotary engine, this time using a larger 1.6 litre unit than the current 1.3 found in the RX-8. This new engine runs a longer stroke which could help increase the one thing the current unit is lacking – Torque.
Mazda Taiki 3

The concept utilises the Nagare flow styling as seen on all recent Mazda concepts, and could be a hint as to the eventual RX-8 replacement.
Mazda Taiki 4

Mazda Taiki 5

Mazda Taiki 6

Mazda Taiki 7

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