Nissan Intima 1 The Intima was designed for the Tokyo Motorshow in 2007, and takes Nissan’s American luxury car design language and stretches it to the size of a Mercedes S-Class. according to Nissan’s designers it “takes Nissan’s Modern Living Concept into a new dimension with an interior that invites passengers into an extraordinary world of artistic forms, materials and illumination”
Nissan Intima 2

The concept car has all the typical luxuries you would expect in a Limo sized vehicle of this type, even its own range of fragrances and accessories. Nissan describes it as follows “A New-generation Saloon for People with a Sophisticated, Discerning Eye for Beauty – Who Enjoy Spending Time in Refined Elegance and Comfort, Whether Traveling Alone or with a Partner.”

According to Nissan it has “Exterior styling that matches the interior’s artistic image, with a design that combines sharp-edged lines and organic panel surfaces. Rich elegance is conveyed though Intima’s arching side character line, while the crystal-like appearance of the front and rear lamps, grille and wheels project an image of superior quality and refinement reminiscent of jewelry.” Whether we will actually see a car from in this vein to act as a halo model over mass market sellers like the Nissan Micra is unlikely.

It does however beg the question as to what Nissan is doing showcasing this luxury car as part of its mainstream fare, when it has it’s own luxury car brand Infiniti which sells all the high end product.

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