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The Nuvu, shown at the Paris 2008 Motorshow is a micro car designed to run on electricity, and has Lithium Ion batteries as is fashionable nowadays. It has a cute, compact if a little bulbous shape, is approximately the size of a Smart car and according to Nissan it can hit about 75 miles per hour and travel up to about 80 miles on a charge.

It has stylish leaf shaped solar cells integrated into the glass roof. The Nuvu seats 2 in the front with a 3rd rear seat available in the back, but it is more of a 2+1 than a 3 seater. Nissan is currently investing heavily in electric cars and we expect to see one, if not this particular model, arrive into production very soon, with the forthcoming Leaf EV model and perhaps more mainstream models like the Nissan Micra also adopting the styling.

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