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Nissan Pivo-2 1

The Nissan Pivo 2 is a concept car shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motorshow, and it takes the original 2005 Pivo concept and builds on it. It is a futuristic all-electric city car that is capable of rotating its entire centre cabin by 360 degrees to allow the drive to travel both ways, removing the need for a reverse gear, it also allows the wheels themselves to turn through a full 90 degrees making parallel parking easy.

The Pivo 2 features a friendly little robotic “agent” with a head built into the dashboard to that talks to the driver to keep them company on a journey. – sounds a little weird! The concept is said to be powered by lithium Ion batteries and electric motors, but it is more a futuristic statement of ability rather than any form of exploration of styling, so we wont see anything like this reaching small production models like the Nissan Micra .

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