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The Qazana follows Nissan’s theme of making crossover vehicles and is a baby brother to the Qashqai, being a compact 4×4 SUV that is closer in size to a compact hatch or supermini.

It has outrageous looks that any concept car would be proud of, but Nissan is apparently looking to put the car into production resembling the concept as closely as possible, which is rare, (and good to see) and it is expected to be built alongside the Nissan Qashqai at the companies Sunderland factory when production of the current Micra finishes there in 2010.

The Qazana is apparently inspired by both motorbikes and dune buggies, and has a few styling cues from the current Nissan range such as the boomerang lights from the 370Z. some details such as the huge tyres will not make production ,but apparently the showroom version will look very similar to this when it is launched in 2011.

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