Nissan Round Box 1

This is another of Nissan’s concept cars aimed at the youth market. The Round Box concept car was first shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motorshow, and is is effectively a super-mini sized hatchback convertible with a strong B-pillar and a removable solid hardtop.

Nissan designers described the car as such: “Round Box represents a new take on open-air motoring, providing exhilaration for all passengers – not just the driver – through its uniquely shared experience of fresh air stimulation, a sensation of speed and easy-to-use high-spec features.”

It has just 2 over-sized doors with frameless windows, and small extra glass windows at foot level to allow a view of the tarmac rapidly passing by, The Round box concept is not slated for production, but some of its styling cues may make an appearance on future models, maybe influencing the new Nissan Micra.

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