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The Nissan Terranaut was a concept car designed for the 2006 Geneva Motorshow and according to Nissan, it was designed for “scientists, geologists, archaeologists or adventurers whose office is the great outdoors.” The car itself has a rugged 4×4 appearance, with a futuristic interior.

The interior shots are very much space age and have a strong hint of Star Trek about them, particularly in the rear, where traditional seats are removed for a supposed scientific workstation where a centre seat revolves inside a circular computer workstation. This is all good looking window dressing that is great on a show car, but obviously will not make it into showrooms, as there aren’t that many space station scientists looking for a car!

As we have said, the interior won’t make production, but the exterior gives strong hints to the design language of future Nissan 4×4′s and is said to heavily influence the next Patrol and Nissan X-Trail in particular.

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