Suzuki PX Minivan

The PX Minivan was first shown at the 2005 Japanese Tokyo Motor Show and is a new interpretation of the mini-van theme, and rather than adopting a traditional practical but boxy style that most minivans end up with, instead it uses some very nice retro touches to bring a slice of 1950’s retro styling with the looks of the classic aluminium Airstream trailers in what describes as “retro futuristic” styling touches.

To quote the Suzuki designer: “As one of the most innovative minivan concepts in recent history, the Suzuki P.X. illustrates a wide range of possibilities for Suzuki‚Äôs vision in the future and showcases some of the elements the company may consider incorporating into Suzuki vehicles in years to come.”

More Images:

Suzuki PX Minivan 2

Suzuki PX Minivan 3

Suzuki PX Minivan 4

Suzuki PX Minivan 5

Suzuki PX Minivan 6

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