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The A-BAT is a compact sized pick-up design, designed to be both stylish and practical. It was first shown at the 2008 Detroit show, and Toyota UK described it as follows “This concept is the next evolution of the compact truck,” said Hunter. “We were able to create a compact truck that’s utilitarian, has an original profile compared to other pickup trucks, has a ‘small, but tough’ character and is economical to operate. The A-BAT is a fun-to-drive, practical package that reflects Toyota’s environmental sustainability message.”

It certainly is a very different proposition to your average pick up truck, and in the metal is much smaller than the chunky looks would suggest. We love the aggressive and individual styling which is a world away from the usual boxy separate cab and load bed you see on most trucks. The physical size limits the overall practicality, but with a trend for downsizing coming in ,the A-BAT would fit in perfectly if in the unlikely event it makes it to the showroom floor. If not then it may just have an infuence over future designs onf 4×4 models like the current Toyota RAV4 .

Toyota A-BAT Concept

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