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The FT EV concept, shown at the Detroit 2009 car show, is based closely on the European market Toyota iQ production car, but with a fully electric drivetrain that is rechargeable from the mains. According to Toyota , a production version of this car could be in the market as soon as 2010 but it won’t simply be an electric iQ, so expect some sheet metal changes and obviously the loss of all those over the top gold stickers.

Expect it also to be a cheaper version of the car according to the chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima: “We wanted to position the iQ as premium,” he said, “but not so the BEV.” The Electric car should use a version of the iQ Platform, but be slightly shorter and lighter, and is more likely to be purely a 2 seater in the mould of the Smart car rather than the extra seating that the iQ gives. Keep an eye out for a FT EV 2 concept in the future which should be closer to the eventual production car.

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